Selling a premium product is not just a question of price. After all, price is the least important. Because if you sell a product with a high price and poor quality or does not deliver the service with the quality in which the product asks for. You are not selling a premium product. It will only sell one product at a high price.

And to sell a genuinely premium product, you need to:

  • Qualify your workforce.

And what do you mean by that? This means that, for example, if you have collaborators:

  • That they do not live the values ​​that are non-negotiable for their company;
  • They detonate your company’s culture;
  • And that don’t deliver results they’re paid to produce.

Consequently, they will not deliver and sell a premium product as they should. Therefore, the first tip we give is the following:

Tip 1: Create Extraordinary And Straightforward Processes

Structure simple processes, but so simple, that anyone to replicate it will get the expected results. Don’t make them bureaucratic because, that way, you complicate the execution of processes. Also, it will not achieve the desired results.

Tip 2: Train Your Employees

Don’t think that because you hired someone x for the job x, this person knows exactly about everything he is supposed to know. Being a premium souvenir supplier (รับทําของที่ระลึก which is the term in Thai) or Selling a premium product requires training your staff—training aimed at serving your potential customers.

And even training your team to deliver the premium product or service with the required quality. In the end, price becomes a not-so-relevant issue.


  • It serves its customers well;
  • It makes a sales process very well done and focused on its customers;
  • It does onboard excellently;
  • And delivers what was promised exceptionally.
  • You will be selling a premium product, and people will want to buy it, no matter the price.

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