There are other alternatives to assist the students’ learning process in the school universe and English training program (โครงการ อบรม ภาษา อังกฤษ which is the term in Thai), with school reinforcement activities carried out in person or at a distance, individually or in groups. Each of these proposals has its peculiarities, and let’s understand how each one works.


Monitoring is a traditional practice and creates new groups in extra – time to meet students with more incredible difficulty in specific areas. These classes can unite students from more than one class and are also used to reinforce tests, reduce truancy, and correct learning distortions.

Doubt Duty

The doubt shift consists of a space dedicated to meeting the demand for subjects’ students have more difficulty with, such as math and physics. Unlike monitoring, the shift is not a class but a time for students to ask questions about a subject with teachers or interns individually. The duty of doubts helps develop a study routine for students, who can follow the evolution of the subjects without many barriers to learning.


As you can see, the significant differential between tutoring, and digital tutoring, is the possibility of working with students in an uninterrupted, personalized, and unique way, which favors the search and engagement of more timid and insecure students.

Tutoring does not depend on creating new classes or the availability of physical spaces in the school and can be carried out for all subjects. Regardless of the model chosen, schools must adopt school reinforcement strategies throughout the school year, not restricting themselves to support for tests and entrance exams.

To encourage the autonomy of the tutored, the tutor uses several resources, such as the confrontation and discussion of different points of view, respecting the student’s view of the world. From the point of view of school management, the tutor also has the role of reducing communication problems that may arise in the student’s learning journey, helping to improve the distance learning system.


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