There are many things that people like about NYC, but the mass transit system can put them off at times. That is not to say the public transport in NY is underdeveloped. However, the rush hours and influx of tourists may bring it down on its knees at times. Sometimes, commuters feel they need something better than the subway and cabs, especially while commuting between NY and Washington DC. You cannot go wrong by choosing the Washington Deluxe Bus service. This reliable and comfortable urban transport system has been serving millions of users for decades.

Redefining the Concepts ofthe Urban Transit System

Those habituated with using the subway or typical cab services in NYC think public transport is both noisy and pesky. This perception undergoes a sea change once they use the The coaches are very comfortable, saving you from the experience of bumpy rides and jerks. The seats are comfortable, and you get plenty of amenities inside.

If your device’s battery is down, there is nothing to worry about. These buses have electrical outlets using which you can juice up the device while enjoying the ride. Some buses come with Wi-Fi service, too. You can opt for movie streaming on your device in the lux class coaches, which ensures there is not a moment of boredom seeping in. These coaches are aimed at users who prefer amenities over budget. These buses get fewer seats and more leg space. The seats are also larger. All the buses are cleaned and well maintained.

A big reason for the users of the Washington Deluxe Bus service sticking around is its timeliness. Except for some rare instances, the buses arrive at stoppages at the scheduled time, and the same can be said about reaching the destination in time. This can be especially handy for business travelers and those with a plan to reach certain places in time. The bus route covers important transit points in both NYC and Washington DC, such as Penn Station, Chinatown, east side, and pentagon city.

The bus service is also meant for people with disabilities. Kids below 2 years are allowed to travel free of cost when they are with their family members.

Even if you are using the bus service for the first time, there is nothing to fret about. The online ticket booking system goes without a glitch, and you may get it done within a minute. The bus drivers and staff are quite helpful, and so you will have a nice experience, for sure.

The Rewards Program

The ticket price of the Washington Deluxe Bus service is pretty affordable. However, there is a way to let you save more on the trips in future. The company offers a handy rewards scheme. Every time you book a trip ticket on its website, you earn points. These accumulated points can be redeemed against trip tickets later. There are no annual charges and expiry limits for the points. To know more about the service terms and route details, you can check out the official website of the

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