Near field communication (NFC) technology aims to usher in more versatility and convenience within our existence by looking into making exchange of digital data, connection of electronics, and transactions far simpler. NFC technology finds application particularly in cell phones which work by identifying NFC tags (integrated cards) in another device that is inside a close range (4 to 10 cm) resulting in exchange of information backward and forward. Near field communication technologies are really an evolution of RFID (Rf Identification) technology for contactless payment systems.

NFC technologies are also thought to be much like Bluetooth technology using the difference it only requires two cellular devices in close closeness with no have to establish the pairing of two devices to operate together as with the situation of Bluetooth.

Applying Near Field Communication Technology

Though near field communication technologies are still undergoing various pilot tests around the globe, it’s some good potential in developing numerous applications for that market soon. Some major regions of application are listed below:

*Transportation: NFC can be used as contactless payment of tickets in public places transportation systems like railways, taxis, and buses. Whenever a person travels, the check-in (parking fee and getting tickets) and appearance-out can be achieved using cell phone to the touch the NFC tags and also the amount could be reduced using their supply of payment directly.

*Contactless Payments: This requires payment carried out by charge cards, the data being recognized by studying the NFC tags through the cellular devices utilized by a person. This can be for shopping, in a restaurant, in order to use and share coupons with buddies. This could also help the loyalty programs of stores and behave like an electronic wallet for an individual.

*Healthcare: It finds wide application within the healthcare domain in addition to research areas for a number of ailments. The NFC tags could be scanned by medical professionals in addition to nurses taking proper care of patients and also the data could be kept in a database. A brief history concerning the patient’s visit and also the medication done may be easily utilized whenever needed with a physician. It has great possibility to enhance the healthcare standards around the globe.

*Marketing: Near field communication finds great usage by marketers to promote their product promos to some wider audience by utilizing NFC Smart Posters. An individual can simply touch the NFC-enabled phone having a poster (with a NFC tag) to obtain all the details like promos, coupons, and tickets of the event, movie, or play. What this means is everything associated with a celebration could be used in the telephone with the aid of NFC posters whilst one is traveling. Smart poster is a superb method of viral marketing and attracting new clients for a service or product. Smart poster has already been under trials within the Asia Off-shore region to enable them to be broadly used soon.

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