The rollback tow vehicle exists at the heart of many successful procedures in a selection of jobs that tow as well as haul. The rollback tow truck [รถยก, which is the term in Thai], or “rollback” for short, serves these operations easily, featuring an adjustable hydraulic and deck system, a durable winch as well as hook, as well as a systematized control terminal, for added ease. Below, we’ll study the details of the rollback, as well as clear up the crucial aspects of getting any new or utilized rollback vehicle.

  • Control Station

The rollback vehicle’s control station offers to activate the rollback deck in a number of functions. These features include moving the deck far from as well as towards the taxicab, or jibbing, increasing, as well as decreasing the deck to the wanted angle, as well as winding or releasing the winch to safeguard vehicles once on deck. Each of these operations includes specific control through a function-dedicated button or bar situated within the side-mounted deck control station.

  • Body Length

Seeing to it to choose the correct rollback body size is most likely to add some major value to your towing company or fleet. Rollback vehicles allow your procedure to take almost any type of phone call or demands without question, as a result of their all-inclusive nature of your operation’s ideal body length.

With many common rollback vehicle body lengths gauging in at 19, 20, 21, as well as 22 feet, the rollback offers enough room for the most vehicle as well as truck models, while still leaving room for your equipment as well as securement accessories.

  • Winch

The tow vehicle service tends to focus on two kinds of cars: the somewhat mobile, and the unfavorable, “please do not drive me any further” types. The rollback’s winch really can be found in handy when you’re presented with a more “persistent” nature of the last.

The winch is floor-mounted prior to the frustration shelf on the frontmost area of the rollback deck as well as includes a little building in order to make sure ample room for automobiles and tools. Once powered, a series of two levers can wind or launch the winch to draw weights on board.

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