It is increasingly difficult to identify copies of famous watchmaking models because counterfeiters are more efficient at imitating, adjusting the pieces in colors very similar to the original watches, and placing in the boxes of these objects even certificates of authenticity and serial number.

So what could you do to distinguish whether the watch you are about to buy is, in fact, an original or a fake? Check out our tips!

Check The Value Of The Watch

One of the most obvious things to know if a watch is a counterfeit is the price charged for the object. If the price is far below the value usually practiced by the market, it is a sign that the piece has a high chance of not being original. Nobody wants to lose money selling a fine watch such as Rolex lady datejust watch (นาฬิกา rolex lady datejust which is the term in Thai).

Analyze The Markings On The Box And Watch

Watch counterfeiters are increasingly adept at placing logos and signs of the models almost identical to those applied by the brand to the original devices. However, there are even less accurate counterfeits, which you will be able to identify more easily and accurately. To do so, you should search the brand’s website for the model you want and compare all the details. Also, note that applications in screen printing and other techniques tend to peel off on counterfeit watches. If the model in question has already been handled extensively or has been on display for some time at the site, it will likely have wear records on the company’s brands and logos. The font, colors, and letter spacing must be the same as that of the desired brand.

See The Shape, Colors, And Material Of The Watch

Comparing the watch in hand or being viewed on a shopping portal with that original watch displayed on the brand’s website enables you to recognize its authenticity from the model’s details. Take a moment to calmly analyze the shapes and tones, the material of the bracelet, the bumps, curves, and hands. Another important point is to know if the watch is part of a line currently produced by the brand since many counterfeit models are replicas or are based on models that are out of line.

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