This may seem trivial, but too many watch owners tend to forget it. An automatic watch like the Rolex sky dweller should be serviced by a licensed professional on average every 3 to 5 years. Yes, a watch can run longer, sometimes up to 20 years or more, some will tell you, but the majority of manufacturers advise regular overhauls. Depending on the brands and warranties, these revisions usually cost a few hundred dollars, but when you know that they prevent repairs that can cost several thousand dollars, you think it’s worth it.

When sent for servicing, the watches are entrusted to professionals who take care of everything with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each brand offers its services and has its procedures and working methods. But overall, these are some of the main steps in a complete overhaul:

The Watches Are First Taken Apart.

The bracelet is detached from the case, which is then opened to extract the movement. The case and the movement are then wholly disassembled so that all the parts that compose them can be cleaned very carefully. The movement parts are often cleaned by ultrasound in special baths. This is also the case for the bracelet parts (if the latter is metallic because, for leather bracelets, there is not much to do) and the case, which is also polished and satin-finished to give them their new appearance.

For example, at some brands, such as Rolex, once everything is disassembled and cleaned, the watchmakers who take care of the overhaul inspect each part and replace those that need them, obviously using only original parts from the watch. Mark. This is the case for the moving parts and those of the case and those of the bracelet. In addition to these replacements, all the parts that need them are lubricated. This limits the effects of friction and wear of parts, which are extremely thin and fragile.

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