I make it a point to get my family out to volunteer some of their time. It’s important to me to have my family give back, and to teach them all of the ways in which they are lucky. I think it’s tough for people to realize what others go through, unless they go through it themselves at some point, or at the very least being exposed to others struggles.

My kids and I volunteer year round, at least once a month, but one of the big things that we do during the fall season when the holidays are ahead of us, is we make these great big home cooked meals and deliver them to nursing homes, homeless shelters or really wherever is in need. We know that many people don’t have anything to look forward to much at all, let alone when the holidays are impending.

Every year when we do this, we put our Cuisinart food processor to the test. It helps us prep a lot of foods, like cutting up veggies or mixing up dough for bread or crusts. We tend to make casseroles or things like pot pie or quiche. Basically any meal that can be made on a larger scale and feed a lot of people. 

This last year at the beginning of our food making journey, my 12 year old daughter accidentally dropped the work bowl on her way to the sink. It got a pretty decent sized crack in it, and she was beside herself, thinking that she ruined any of our efforts for this year. What she didn’t realize is that I was prepared for this with an ace up my sleeve.

I visited KitchenWorksInc, which I had used in the past to purchase authentic Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. I went ahead and ordered two replacement work bowls, and a couple of other blades while I was at it, just in case. I assured my daughter that all was not lost and that we’d be back on track in a few short days. 

She didn’t relax until the parts actually arrived, and you could see the genuine look of relief on her face. It made me happy to know just how important this was to her. 

We were a couple of days behind schedule, but we were able to pick up enough speed to get back on track. We froze what we made with plans to reheat the day of delivery. We had made enough to cover 10 different places in our county, which was the most we’ve ever done. 

Between the gratitude of the people receiving these meals, and the pride on my children’s face, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Coupled with some light conversation with the people on the receiving end, it was quite apparent that it really made their day. And while we can’t change the entire situation for these people, giving them a little bit of happiness really means a lot to us. 

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