Medicare is a sort of health insurance program that covers every medical issue, with a variety of coverage options. Medicare covers most of the medical and hospital-related expenses in their plans.

Medicare plan G covers all the benefits and offers some extra help in comparision to the existing plans available in the market. Medicare plan G comes among the ten Medicare offered supplement plans, covering all the gaps in the original medicare plan. For this reason, most of the seniors enrol for this plan while getting registering for Medicare.

Working Of Medicare Plan G

Medicare plan G is only available for individuals above 65 or who have a disability and have enrolled themselves in the Medicare plan. Medicare plan G is the most efficient and comprehensive plan among all Medicare plans available for purchase.

However, Medicare Plan G is not a primary policy. It is an additional policy, which fulfils all the gaps of the Medicare plan. The Part A& B of Medicare will satisfy all health services, whereas Plan G will fill up all the remaining costs once the primary benefits get exhausted.

Apart from that, Plan G covers some of the benefits of the Medicare plan. For example, Medicare Plan A have a deductible amount of $1400. If you have not opted for Plan G, you must pay the deductible amount from your pocket. However, if you have already opted for Plan G, your insurer will be responsible for paying the deductible amount.

However, Medicare Plan G will not cover the deductible amount for Plan B. You have to pay the deductible amount from your pocket. Apart from that, Plan G offers a program named Silver Sneakers. But the availability of the program depends upon your location. You can visit the official site for checking its availability.

What Is SilverSneakers ?

As mentioned above, Plan G offers a program named SilverSneakers, where older adults are encouraged to participate in different physical activities and events to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pricing Of Medicare Plan G

According to a report from , the cost of Medicare Plan G ranges between $199 to $470 per month. While going through different websites, you will come across different prices, as every insurance company uses various methods for pricing their offered plans. Also, the pricing of the program depends upon Age, gender, locality and other factors. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find the exact rate of the plan.

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