Work can add much stress to your life. Gong to the office and returning home to do the household chores can turn into a mundane routine unless you plan something exciting. Why don’t you visit some hang out shop [ร้าน hang out, which is the term in Thai] where you can spend some quality time with your friends or family? It will be a nice experience, and you will enjoy the refreshing feel amidst the boring routine of life. However, you should figure out what you expect from the place to hang out before visiting the place. It will help in finding the best option for chilling out with friends. 

Good food

There is no fun visiting a hangout space if you don’t have the best things to munch on. So check out the menu card first before deciding whether the shop is the right place to chat. If the menu card offers some beverages, then it will be ideal for spending time with your friends. You can bite on some French fries, coffees, and ice creams while sharing chats. Food is always the best accompaniment for casual meets. Even if you are meeting the office colleagues after the office, you will need good food to set the right mood for the hangout.

Live music

What do you all prefer for spending time with friends after work? Do you like live music? If so, then prefer the cafes where live bands are playing good music in the evening. You can have a few rounds of drinks with the music in the background that will spice up the environment in the best way possible. You can even sing along the favorite tunes and relive the old memories together with childhood friends. You need the right place to hang out to create the best moments. Ambiance matters a lot while choosing the space to hand out for relaxing. 

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